What’s Causing My Back and Neck Pain? How Do I Know if My Pain is Serious?

All chiropractic treatments are based on the concept of “subluxation”. A subluxation can be defined as the relocation of a joint (a degree less than a dislocation) that causes neurological interference. Here’s how it works using the spine as an example: 1) Damage to soft tissue and ligaments. When vertebrae move out of place, they can cause […]

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance: Signs You Need to Get Your Hormone Levels Checked.

There are a large variety of factors that can affect your testosterone and estrogen levels. Whether it’s caused by cortisol produced by the body’s response to stress, an inconsistent diet which affects the body’s metabolic rate, or hypothyroidism (an altering of the body’s ability to control hormone release), altered hormone levels are NEVER fun. The […]

How Much Does Back Surgery Cost? Will My Insurance Cover Back Surgery?

This is a very common question that, sadly, doesn’t have a simple answer. While most people often tend to think of the expense purely in terms of the bill they receive, there are other associated expenses that start to add up. Modern Concepts is here to provide some information that will allow you fully understand […]

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments

What does “Bio-Identical” mean? The term “Bio-Identical” refers to the chemical structure of the hormones used in the treatment. Essentially, it means that the molecular structure of the hormones used in BHRT contains the same compounds as Hormone Replacement Therapy, and therefore, elicit similar results. While the molecular structure of these two treatment options is […]

Common Causes of Chronic Fatigue and Pain: Could Your Spine Alignment Be the Answer?

Your spine alignment plays an integral role in overall health and wellness. Obviously, the spine lays the framework for the skeletal and muscular systems which allow for movement and protection of essential organs from injury. However, did you know that the spine is also the highway that connects all neurological pathways to the brain? Wiggling […]

Best Activities to Reduce Sciatic Nerve Pain!

The nerve that travels from your lower back, down your legs, and all the way to your feet is called your sciatic nerve. If something puts pressure on that nerve — such as a bulging or herniated disc, arthritis, or a dysfunctional joint — the pain be excruciating and debilitating. Up to 40% of adults […]

8 Inflammation-Causing Foods to Avoid When You Have Arthritis

There are many different types of arthritis. “Arthritis” is considered an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of conditions that affect the joints. Many of those conditions — including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, among others — involve inflammation. Inflammation increases the pain you feel. Medications are available that can reduce inflammation, but […]

Summer Is Here! 5 Lifestyle Changes to Consider Making to Be At Your Best!

As we’re all aware, it’s much more difficult to build strong habits than it is to break them. Routines and patterns can be great things, but they can also be the opposite. With the weather getting warmer, vacations, and work life slowing down (hopefully), here are some changes that will benefit you and help you […]

How Do I Know If I Should Consider a Chiropractor?

One of the oldest adages in the health care profession is “the first sign of a heart attack is usually a heart attack”. This is not true of course, but it does personify our tendency to ignore warning signs until they’ve reached a level that cannot be ignored. A heart attack is not the first […]

Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Actually Work?

Think of your body’s natural healing process like you’re cooking an egg. Would you rather use a match, or an open flame? Most of us would agree, that the second option is monumentally more effective than the first. When your healing processes are not working properly, it’s like trying to cook an egg with a […]