Regenerative Cell Therapy

Human Cellular Tissue Product (HCT/P)

This regenerative product (commonly referred to as stem cells) are from Wharton’s jelly/umbilical cord and are frozen “live” cells. These special cells are young/pristine/super charged and ready to activate the body to decrease inflammation, tear up scar tissue, and regenerate healthy tissue. Let us take you back in time! To a time where chronic back, knee, hip, or shoulder pain didn’t rule your life. A long-term solution that doesn’t involve surgery!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP contains a concentrated amount of your own plasma that are super rich in proteins called ‘growth factors’—they are responsible for initiating your body’s natural processes of healing by stimulating collagen. The platelets release growth factors into the muscle, joints, and other target tissue – accelerating recovery and encouraging repair & renewal.

Vitti Pure (amniotic fluid)

A new cutting-edge regenerative option! Instead of using your own PRP to trigger the body to quickly recover, Vitti Pure is amniotic fluid tissue that is abundant in young growth factors. This tissue has the same biological function as stem cells, along with anti-inflammatory properties. Vitti Pure is very successful in supporting cell repair and renewal due to its pro-regenerative effects.