Neil H.

"Since I have been on BHRT my quality of life has become much better. Mandy is an exceptional nurse, and the staff at Modern Concepts have always been very easy to work with and helpful. If BHRT is what you need, I would HIGHLY recommend Modern Concepts"

Jamie L.

" Mandy (Yancey) has always been so professional and friendly. Since starting my hormone replacement my marriage has improved because my overall attitude has improved. I LOVE THIS PLACE!"

Katie L.

"Modern concepts has been such a huge help in getting my health and wellness in check! I feel great since beginning treatment and it has been a life-changing experience. I can't imagine life without finding Modern concepts and all the help with managing my health. Mandy is a life saver!"


"I had a full hysterectomy's when I was 36, and my quality of life was gone. When I started BHRT 11 years ago, it saved my marriage, and I was able to get out of the house and have motivation. Mandy has done my replacement for 11 years and 1 would follow her anywhere. Modern Concepts has a great staff and I love here."

Cynthia B.

"I see Mandy for my pellet inserts. She is very professional and knowledgeable and friendly as is everyone at Modern Concepts. I would recommend Modern Concepts to anyone needing Hormone Replacement Therapy."

Brian S.

"Modern Concepts has been great! I initially started here after a Cross Fit injury but now come for monthly adjustments to help with normal aches and preventative care as well. They've also helped with a shoulder injury and have me feeling better than ever."

Ed B.

"The experience at Modern Concepts has changed my life! I lived for years with back pain and over the last two years, I have been pain free! Dr. Luke and all his staff are always friendly, and have been so helpful over the years. I would highly recommend their services."

Christopher D.

"Thanks to Modern Concepts, I don't have to worry about my physical health!"

Florinda A.

"I've been living with scoliosis for 40 years with pain. This is the first time that I'm pain free in a short period of time. I feel so blessed."

Brenda R.

"Modern concepts has always taken care of my many needs. All of the staff are compassionate, good listeners, and care so much about their patients. I would highly recommend Modern Concepts to everyone."

David B. (71)

A couple years ago I received a regenerative treatment (commonly referred to as a stem cell injection), and it worked! I had such amazing results with my right knee that I moved forward with other joints. I’ve had successful improvements in both hip joints, lower back, along with my shoulders. I’m extremely thankful! I recommend the treatment to my son who is an elite athlete. He had successful results too!

Barbara E.

"Prior to coming to Modern Concepts, I tried orthopedic care for my arthritic knees which only cause more problems. From my first visit at Modern Concepts, I could see the difference in the personal care and attention I received. Getting the restorative cell therapy to both knees has been a good experience overall. The exercise program with my own personal rehab tech has been great. She is a very caring person and has always answered my questions and given me good advice. My quality of life has greatly improved and continues to get better."

Kathleen K.

"Seven years ago, I was searching for a good chiropractor. Instead, I found a great one! Dr. Luke MacKinnon took the time to understand my concerns and issues and came up with a workable health care plan for me. Over the past seven years, my chronic low back, neck, migraines, and occasional TMJ flare ups have improved TREMENDOUSLY, which in turn has improved my quality of life. Now instead of migraines, I might get the occasional headache, and an adjustment alleviates the pain.

I highly recommend Modern Concepts! Dr. Luke MacKinnon, along with Dr. Miles Dowswell, provide the care and understanding we all want from doctors. The staff is very welcoming and professional."

Joe S.

"Modern Concepts has helped me regain my mobility and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived! The knowledge and care displayed by the doctors and staff make you feel like you matter."

Dorothy M.

"I have been seeing Dr. Mackinnon for 15 years. He and his office care about patients and do whatever they can to meet their needs. He's personable, professional, and knowledgeable. He has helped me with major back and neck issues, as well as weekly maintenance. Modern Concepts is the place to go!"

Matthew S.

"I've been coming for years, through 2 auto accidents and I've always been satisfied by the adjustment/treatments I've received. Now I come as needed for adjustment and the staff is always pleasant and happy to see you."

Amanda B.

"Modern Concepts saved me from huge expenses of medical bills. The doctors were able to diagnose my pain quickly and create an action plan for healing. Every week, I got better with adjustments, physical exercises, and electrotherapy. But this is not what makes this place special. It is the staff who provide stellar care. The office is really a refuge for me. A place where I am listened to and cared for. All the staff treat not only the physical issues, but the mental state of each client with their amazing personalities."

Sandy S.

"My experience with Modern Concepts has been wonderful. they really listen to my concerns and always have a solution. Everyone there is very professional, but yet fun to be around. It's a very friendly and enjoyable experience. I appreciate everyone and their efforts to help me. It's a great place and I always feel better when I leave."

Whitney K.

"Modern Concepts has given me the ability to work on my overall health. I have a very busy life with my husband, 4 kids, and friends. I also work out almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I need to be able to do those things without back or neck pain so I can continue to maintain good mental and physical health."

Sterling Y. (50)

I had been researching stem cells for a while because of injuries I had due to extreme sports. I had both my shoulder and hip treated. Now can sleep through night pain free on my right side - amazing recovery! I will admit that at first I was a bit skeptical, but wow was I proven wrong. I am amazed with my results. I’ve recovered 95% in just 3 months! Incredible.

Morgan T.

"When I first started coming to Modern Concepts I was experiencing both back and neck pain, and was doing nothing really to address the problem. A friend of mine recommended Modern concepts. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was a little skeptical. Modern Concepts welcomed me with open arms. They took the time to really listen to me about my problem areas, and come up with a specific plan and exercises to help. I can't say more amazing and positive things about Modern Concepts and the staff. I enjoy coming each week and being treated like family. Since Coming to Modern concepts, I have never felt better. I am able to do things I wasn't able to do before because of the pain I was in. I would recommend Modern Concepts 100 times over."

Judith W.

" Modern Concepts has helped me tremendously in the time that I have been under their care. I am SO much better. I see them for several reasons. The chiropractic care I have received is the best I've ever experienced. I have seen great results in pain management and how I feel overall. I also highly recommend the Hormone Therapy. This all natural therapy is already making a difference in how I feel. I cannot speak more highly of the treatment and staff at Modern Concepts."

Andrew B.

"Modern Concepts has been an immediate improvement in my life, not just my health! As a former college athlete I had some things to 'undo' from years past, but I will continue to be a patient here to maintain that level of health and comfort. They go beyond healing and I always leave with a smile. Thank you guys!"

Stefanie M.

"I appreciate the time and sincere effort the doctors and staff provide for my care. The holistic approach to care is refreshing. I was facing a potential surgical correction for my pain, but with the combination of chiropractic care and therapeutic exercises, I am managing pain, have not had surgery, and feel so much better! Thank you!

Jack and Wanda K.

"My husband and I have both lost some strength in our legs due to lower back problems and have suffered from arthritis in our neck and back. We both feel SO much better and have less pain from the wonderful treatment from Dr. Luke because he gets to the root of the problem instead of putting a band-aid on it. We have started therapy and it is also really helping. We have had chiropractic adjustments for 40 years and we have never had such thorough treatment. We also love the people here and feel like they really care. We highly recommend Modern Concepts."

Priyanka C.

"I started Modern Concepts services for my neck pain/spinal health and they exceeded my expectations. After 9-10 visits I felt really relieved, neck adjustments help me a lot. The Doctors and staff are extremely friendly, and I would love to recommend this facility to my friends and family."

David J.

"Without Modern Concepts I wouldn't be able to do my job fully and pain free. When I come in with body problems they solve them."

Tiarra K.

"I've been a patient at Modern concepts for over a month and I'd recommend this staff and care to anyone who wants real results. the staff are knowledgeable and attentive. The atmosphere is friendly, like family. Best of all, you receive the care that you need. I came here by chance, and you should take a chance here too."